The first event of the “Young KAGİDER Days” has been held at the Tuzla campus of Sabancı University on Tuesday, 21 February by KAGİDER (Turkish Women Entrepreneurs Association). Among the participants of the event, in addition to Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci, were Meral Eredenk, the CEO of AvivaSA, Yasemin Horasan, a National Basketbal Player, Selma Akdoğan, Vice Chairperson of KAGİDER, Pınar Kapralı Görsev, Piraye Antika and Serhat Görgün. Delivering an opening speech on “Effects of Women’s Economic participation on Economy’, Semerci dwelled on the importance of women’s education and employment. In the panel chaired by Selma Akdoğan, the participants have underscored the positive participation of women in the economy in addition to their own experience in the subject.