Safe Boundaries in Our Relations With Our Children

1. Stage: Awareness – What Kind of Parent Am I?

Learning and Implementing – What Should I Change, and How? 

In the process of being parents, mothers and fathers may approach their children in many different ways; however, they may find themselves in a dilemna as to which of those are right, and which, wrong.

This is the stage where the target is the achievement of awareness by the parents about their disciplinary methods.

In this stage, disciplinary methods effective in bringing up children as healthy individuals will be discussed.

  • When It Comes to Being Parents…
  • Our Perception of Discipline…
  • What’s Going on at Your House?
  • What is the Right and the Wrong?
  • Will it Work With My Child?
  • What may the Rights We Can’t Manage Bring – Or Take Away

Training Duration: 1 full day


2. Stage: Supervision – What I Can Do and What I Cannot Do

The discussion will cover how much of the effective discipline methods discussed in the previous stages can the participants use in their relationships with their own children, and the subjects they are having problems to change.


  • “I Tried Everything, It Doesn’t Work”
  • She/he Cries So Much, I Can’t Stand It.
  • Sometimes I Can Do It, Sometimes I Can’t.
  • I Do It, But The Grandparents Spoil The Child.

Training Duration: 3 hours

Participation in the 1st Stage of the training is a prerequisite for participating in the 2nd Stage.