In management, it is necessary to be a leader, not an administrator. A company needs a leader in order to prepare for the future, and to be successful today.

Purpose: The purpose of the training is to enable those who wish to become leaders to gain another dimension and to establish a framework for defining the methods of acquiring the requirements of the role undertaken, the attributes necessary for being a leader.


  • Who is the leader?
  • Can anyone become a leader?
  • Distinguishing between successful and unsuccessful leadership
  • Management skills of the leader
  • Relationships and collaboration with co-workers
  • Inspiring trust
  • Problem solving skills for the team
  • Being able to manage time
  • Communication skills
  • Can leadership be learned?
  • Discussion over films
  • Plays reflecting our own experiences

Seminar Duration: 2 to 4 hour seminars with content determined according to the requirements of the establishment

Number of Participants: There is no limit to participants in a seminar.

Training Duration: 2 days

Number of Participants: 15 persons