When psychiatric disorders develop stealthily over a long period of time, they will be perceived as personality traits that prevent personal development. When the fear of being labeled is added to unawareness, business life and performance will suffer, and the person will be immersed in feelings of inadequacy and failure. Such situations are the responsibility of the establishment where they work as much as the individual him/herself. Work performance evaluation should not be only depending on knowledge and result measurements.

Purpose: The purpose is to provide managers and employees with knowledge about psychiatric problems that may be overlooked in the work place, and to enable them to contribute to the elimination of productivity loss for the company and performance loss for the employees by the correct recognition and handling of the problems.


  • What is a psychiatric disorder?
  • How can it be recognized?
  • Which problems are more apparent?
  • Which problems develop stealthily?
  • How are hidden problems recognized?
  • How should the approach be?
  • What does ‘labeling’ mean?

Seminar Duration : 2 to 4 hour seminars with content determined according to the requirements of the establishment

Number of Participants : There is no limit to participants in a seminar.