98% of the economy in Turkey, 56% in the U.S.A. is made up of family businesses. However, sustaining the company falls by half in the second generation, and down to 15% in the third. In order to sustain the company, family and company dynamics must be separated, and conflicts must be managed.

Purpose: This seminar intends to develop the skills needed to evaluate the steps required to institutionalize family businesses from the perspective of the family and the business.

  • Family and company dynamics
  • Conflicts among family members and methods for solutions
  • Defining the roles of the family members in the office
  • The time to hand over the management
  • Factors influencing the selection of persons to whom the management will be turned over
  • How should the new generation get ready for the business
  • Can the effect of family dynamics be minimized in assigning the executive board?
  • Discussion over films
  • Plays reflecting our own experiences

Seminar Duration: 2 to 4 hour seminars with content determined according to the requirements of the establishment

Number of Participants: There is no limit to participants in a seminar.

Training Duration: 2 days

Number of Participants: 25 persons