98% of the Turkish economy is made up of family businesses. Family businesses of various sizes have similar problems. Differentiating family dynamics from company dynamics, reducing the impact of family conflicts on company management, balancing the relations of the family with the managers, are important for the sustainability of the establishment. Bengi Semerci Institute shares its experiences in this field by providing consultancy services to family businesses. Designing the company constitution, hand over of the chairmanship of the board, its timing and the election process are the fields of expertise of the Institute.
Besides the subjects of management and the transfer of management power, Bengi Semerci Institute also provides consultancy services to company owner families on rearing children who will take over the family business, planning the careers of children, setting and sustaining targets, with its knowledge and experience on bringing up healthy young generation.


The duration is determined according to the needs defined after meeting the family and the preparations. The process consists of individual discussions, planning studies, feedback and reports.