Hello to Toilet with Selpak Platform, which our Institute has been counseling, is at its 7th year

The platform, which aims to be next to families regarding toilet training and hygiene, which has started 7 years ago through social media, met mothers at its 7th year.
By : sadmin | Apr 11, 2018

Basic Statistics and Research Skills Workshop Is Complete

“Basic Statistics and Research Skills Workshop” which was organized by the Bengi Semerci Institute as three modules has been completed. It was meant to guide young researchers in their scientific researches and given by Assistant Professor Evren Tufan. Trainers and participants have agreed that the workshop has reached its purpose. Similar workshops have been planned upon request.
By : sadmin | Dec 19, 2017

Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci attended the “Kız Gibi Denemeye Devam Et” Panel, which was organized within the Kristal Elma 2017

Kristal Elma Festival’s topic was societal gender equality. Semerci, who attended the panel at the 5th of October, which was moderated by Ayşe Arman, told that societal teachings cause this inequality between genders, but with consciousness-raising the gap could be closed. Semerci, who told girls and boys get separated by their job orientations while they grow up, said even so girls count more in top 10 graduation numbers. She said that this isn’t just women’s responsibility but a problem of humanity, thus, males are equally responsible.
By : sadmin | Oct 11, 2017