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How to Cope with Children’s Anxiety at Home <br>Topics: <br>Childhood anxieties How to prevent anxiety from increasing or how to contribute to anxiety’s increasement with attitudes and behaviors How to manage children’s increasing anxieties at home
By : sadmin | Feb 11, 2021

Hello to Toilet with Selpak Platform, which our Institute has been counseling, is at its 7th year

The platform, which aims to be next to families regarding toilet training and hygiene, which has started 7 years ago through social media, met mothers at its 7th year.
By : sadmin | Apr 11, 2018

Basic Statistics and Research Skills Workshop Is Complete

“Basic Statistics and Research Skills Workshop” which was organized by the Bengi Semerci Institute as three modules has been completed. It was meant to guide young researchers in their scientific researches and<a class="moretag" href="https://bengisemercienstitusu.com/en/basic-statistics-and-research-skills-workshop-is-complete/">Read More...</a>
By : sadmin | Dec 19, 2017