Changing living conditions have given rise to new problems as well as many conveniences. The competitive environment, advancing technology, increasing speed cause more time to be spent on one’s career. And family life is affected the most by all this. Problems between the spouses and in bringing up healthy children manifest themselves as conflicts between business and family.

Purpose: To share with all who work, men and women alike, how to establish healthy relationships with the spouse and children, how to plan time and how to have a more successful private life in order to be happier and more successful.


  • Is it healthy for life to consist of business
  • Is a family an obstruction or a support for a career?
  • Does family support means giving up rights?
  • Balance dilemma: How many roles do we have?
  • Values, goals and priorities
  • Defining and talking
  • Correct planning of time
  • Discussion over films
  • Plays reflecting our own experiences

Seminar Duration : 2 to 4 hour seminars with content determined according to the requirements of the establishment

Number of Participants : There is no limit to participants in a seminar.

Training Duration : 2 days

Number of Participants : 25 persons