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How to Cope with Children’s Anxiety at Home


Childhood anxieties
How to prevent anxiety from increasing or how to contribute to anxiety’s increasement with attitudes and behaviors
How to manage children’s increasing anxieties at home


Basic Statistics and Research Skills Workshop Is Complete

“Basic Statistics and Research Skills Workshop” which was organized by the Bengi Semerci Institute as three modules has been completed. It was meant to guide young researchers in their scientific researches and given by Assistant Professor Evren Tufan. Trainers and participants have agreed that the workshop has reached its purpose. Similar workshops have been planned upon request.


Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci attended the “Kız Gibi Denemeye Devam Et” Panel, which was organized within the Kristal Elma 2017

Kristal Elma Festival’s topic was societal gender equality. Semerci, who attended the panel at the 5th of October, which was moderated by Ayşe Arman, told that societal teachings cause this inequality between genders, but with consciousness-raising the gap could be closed. Semerci, who told girls and boys get separated by their job orientations while they grow up, said even so girls count more in top 10 graduation numbers. She said that this isn’t just women’s responsibility but a problem of humanity, thus, males are equally responsible.


Communication with Children

Children learn more from behavior than words. When warning children, words such as, “Stop”, “Don’t” become inadequate. Boundaries set for children are the need of both adults and children. Parents sometimes get confused regarding how to treat children and what to say to them. In this seminar, topics such as what to do-what not to do while communicating with children, how to set boundaries, how to form cooperation and consistency regarding mother-father attitudes towards children will be discussed. Date: December 2nd, 2017, Saturday Time: 15:00-17:30 Place: Bengi Semerci Institute – Poyracık St., Üstün Apt., No: 55/7 Teşvikiye-Şişli/İstanbul Instructors: Prof. Dr.Read More…


Clinical Interview and Basic Therapy Skills Workshop

Clinical Interview and Basic Therapy Skills Workshop The objective of Clinical Interview and Basic Therapy Skills Workshop:   It is aimed to learn a therapeutic session’s organization and  management, interview techniques pratically in adult and adolescent patients. Date :   November 25th  2017 Saturday Time :   15.00 – 18.00 Place : Bengi Semerci Enstitüsü- Poyracık Sokak. Üstün Apt. No: 55/7 Teşvikiye-Şişli/İstanbul Instructors : Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci ,  Psk. A.Toprak Özkan Fee:  350  TL+ KDV The person for Contact: Burcu Kaya Telephone  Number: 0 212 225 70 74 –  0 533 273 15 34 E-Mail:  sekreter@bengisemerci.com Conditions of Participation: the senior year of psychologyRead More…



Global Peace Summit, organized for the 3rd time by Doğa Schools was hosted by Bilgi University on Jan 12, 2016. Diplomats representing various countries participated to the summit which aims bringing up enviromentally and politically responsive generations. The guests came together with the young who study at Doğa Schools and take part in the project, discussed on peace and actions to be taken. Following the summit they shared the accumulations they acquired. Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci began her speech by expressing her gratitude to the children and youth for the honour of making the opening speech. She made emphasis onRead More…


”TECHNOLOGY: Is it a new way of connecting with our children or is it a barrier between us?” SEMINAR IN SEV SCHOOLS

The seminar organized by SEV Schools was held on May 9,2015 with participants from Istanbul, Izmir and Tarsus. Children and technology discussed at the seminar, Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci highlighted the importance of supervision for proper use of technology for children. How technology usage should differ in regard to age groups, and the effects of the technology were discussed. Questions and answers section followed the discussion. Technology which is involved in education system should be used cooperation with children and family is argued in this meeting. At the final, Mothers Day was celebrated.



The seminar “How to balance between work and family’’ which is organized by TEB Formation Academy was given by Prof Dr.Bengi Semerci on May 4 ,2015. Semerci highlighted the increasingly accepted fact that in big corporations, it is not possible to achieve a high level of work performance for those people who disregard their families. And she pointed that the saying “married to his/her work” is not valid anymore. She also emphasized that keeping the balance between work and family life is not a challange just for working women. She argued that social sanctions that push women to make aRead More…



April is the Autism Awareness Month. Bengi Semerci Institute has started up the Autism Awareness Month Activities in time. Prof Dr. Bengi Semerci has met with the families of children who are taking their education at the Üsküdar Sakine Kalyoncu Special Education and Application Center. They exchanged information concerning autism including the families’ and brothers and sisters of the children with autism. Problems and solutions were discussed. The opportunities that can be provided through enhancing the educational resources, increasing the number of special instructors working in these schools, multiplying similar kind of education centers were highlighted through the meeting.