ADHD, although it is known as difficulties in focusing attention on one thing and being overly active, it is a condition that affects all aspects of a child’s life. Children diagnosed with ADHD may have difficulty in programming their lives. For most of them, starting something, and concluding something that has been started, is very difficult. As a result, they experience significant problems with their family, school and friendly relations.

In the seminars we provide for families with ADHD diagnosed children, we aim to get to know ADHD, to contribute to their ability to program the lives of their children, to regulate interfamily relationships and to inform families about the treatment of ADHD.

In the seminars we provide for adolescents and adults that have been diagnosed with ADHD, information will be given about ADHD in the lives of adolescents and adults and the difficulties arising from that, the things that can be done to control those difficulties, the ability to organize business relations, and the treatment of ADHD.

Duration of the Seminar : 3 hours