It is beneficial for corporate employees to receive coaching services in order for the strong points of an individual to be supported, setting targets, and reaching those targets more easily.
By means of providing external individual coaching and mentoring services Bengi Semerci Institute supports the management in order to facilitate their work. Furthermore, in order to facilitate adapting to corporate changes, to support team members and team leaders, to support persons recently appointed to new positions to adapt to these positions, is the purpose of coaching and mentoring endeavors of corporations. Moreover, the Institute aims to increase the personal and corporate efficiency of talented individuals by developing these competencies.


Coaching is an ongoing process. This process should be supervised and developed systematically. Confidentiality is crucial. In the beginning, after the determination of needs, and evaluation, the process is planned. Duration and meeting intervals are determined according to the needs of the individuals. At the end of the duration, changes are tracked for a certain period of time.