Stress that we face in all fields of life is a threatening factor for our home and business lives as well as for our physical and mental health. It is not always possible to stay away from it, therefore the effective management of stress is important. Anger is a natural human emotion. However, the expression of anger may affect human relationships and individual development. Knowing the causes that trigger our anger and how we express it as well as how to control it will bring success in controlling our lives.
Purpose: Stress is a factor that forces a person to deviate from normal activities. The purpose of this seminar is understanding the causes of, and the emotional and physical problems caused by stress, evaluating the effects of stress on work productivity, learning ways of effectively coping with stress, and the roles of the work place and the executives in the management of stress.
The training aims to teach individuals to know themselves, to identify negative and positive feelings, to control emotions a person is aware of, and to develop methods of managing harmful anger.


  • What is stress?
  • Conditions that cause stress
  • Stress caused by persons themselves
  • Symptoms of stress
  • Stress in the work place
  • Results of stress
  • The role of executives in stress
  • Dealing with stress
  • Stress management
  • Stress management in the work place
  • What is anger?
  • What causes anger?
  • Do we know ourselves?
  • What are the bodily symptoms of anger?
  • What is impulsiveness?
  • Can impulses be controlled?
  • What is the purpose of controlling anger?
  • Discussion over films
  • Plays reflecting our own experiences

Seminar Duratio : 2 to 4 hour seminars with content determined according to the requirements of the establishment

Number of Participants: There is no limit to participants in a seminar.

Training Duratio : 1 day

Number of Participants: 15 persons