The participations of the convention was Prof. Dr. Sahika Yuksel, Prof.Dr. Dilek Cindoglu, Atilla Dorsay and Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci. Atilla Dorsay’s speech was extremely interesting for the audience. He gave some examples about the women profile who had been changed since the beginning of the screenland. Other devastating speech was made by Sahika Yuksel. She was interested with the physical abuse which is applied by the family of the women. This is usually applied by the husbands of the women. Although men feel very comfortable while making physical abuse to his wife, women become traumatized. Dilek Cindoglu pointed out the importance of equality between men and women. She also added the importance of making permanent changes in the women rights.These changes can also help to the government to being more liberal and the physical abuse should decrease. Finally , Bengi Semerci defined the importance of equality in the society and the importance of education.