Global Peace Summit, organized for the 3rd time by Doğa Schools was hosted by Bilgi University on Jan 12, 2016. Diplomats representing various countries participated to the summit which aims bringing up enviromentally and politically responsive generations. The guests came together with the young who study at Doğa Schools and take part in the project, discussed on peace and actions to be taken. Following the summit they shared the accumulations they acquired. Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci began her speech by expressing her gratitude to the children and youth for the honour of making the opening speech. She made emphasis on children’s rights, the right of being child and the right of life being in the first place. Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci reminded the adults that “their existence depends on the children’s existence and only children can bring them the honour of being a human”. She ended her speech with the call that “all together, let’s give them the childhood which we owe to them ”