When you lose your love for the job you are doing, or you have to deal with a terrible boss, the solution is to resign. However, this may not always be possible. Therefore, you may want to explore ways of regaining you love for your job.

1-      Define What You Can Contribute To Your Job: Life coach Suzy Graves says, ask yourself what you can do without expending effort. What pleases you? Are you better with people or with numbers? Write down 10 capabilities you are sure you have. How much does your present job let you show these capabilities? If the answer is not much, start thinking about what you can do for this. Write down the 10 baby steps you can take in the next week. For example, researching on the internet or exchanging views with a friend in another department. If, instead of settling for what your workplace gives you, you start focusing on what you can contribute to the workplace, your whole perception may change.


2-      Design a “Play Project”: John Williams says that when people get stuck in their jobs, they develop a depressive point of view for all fields of life. To break out of this, make up a “play project” for yourself. This may be preparing a radio show on the internet, or writing a blog. What is important is having something to strive for, and to be enthusiastic about it. You don’t have to carry on this activity for the rest of your life, you can change to something else whenever you feel like it.


3-      Reassess Where You Are:  According to career coach Talane Miedaner, when your energy regarding your job deteriorates, when you become someone who follows the clock and finds excuses not to come to work, even if you find a new job and it is a wonderful job, you will continue with the same energy. Therefore, try to increase your energy. Think of this job as the only job you can find, and make your mission doing your job perfectly.


4-      Try To Nurture A Sense Of Belonging:  Desperation brings isolation, the cure for this is creating connections. Miedaner says that great relationships that can be built in the workplace may create a matchless work environment. Try to connect to colleagues you haven’t talked to very much before, invite them to dinner, or a drink after work. Everything aside, meeting new people will enable you to gain valuable information about other fields.


5-      Adjust Your Expectations:  Lees says that we are after a formula that will take us to our legendary dream job. Work is a kind of compromise. If the items of this compromise are 80% in your favor, it is a very good agreement. Whyte says that having the same attitude towards work all the time is unrealistic. The job that is wonderful in your 20’s may lose its meaning by the time you are 30. This is not because the job has changed, it is because you have changed. However, this must not be regarded as a desperate situation, but rather as a sign that you can change and make progress.