While establishing our institute, we aimed at increasing the life quality of individuals, families and schools, both in their private and business lives. We started off with the conviction that the meaning of life is enhanced with knowledge.

Knowledgeable individuals make up healthy families.

Knowledgeable individuals achieve a balanced business life. The school that correctly manages knowledge is successful. The community made up of knowledgeable individuals is a high level community aware of its values and social responsibilities. Life is important; and so is attaining good life quality.

Establishments where healthy individuals, with a healthy education are employed prove to be strong institutions.

Employees who develop themselves, who can deal with problems that may arise in business life, strengthen their corporations. Institutions that support the development of their employees, who help them, overcome their problems, become powerful. Having powerful institutions means having powerful economy.

The way to achieve this is to lead a life nourished by knowledge.

Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci has established the Bengi Semerci Institute in order to share the knowledge and experience gained together with her team with wider audiences, and to increase the effectiveness of social responsibility projects. The team is constantly growing. Furthermore, there is collaboration with many successful individuals who are not employed by, but have sentimental ties to the Institute.