As the women taking place more and more effectively in the business life, new arguments have arisen. It is a fact that women face various difficulties in the business life and it has been discussed for a long time. For the first time in 1986, Wall Street has explained blocking of the women in a certain level in business with the term “glass ceiling”. The reason of calling glass ceiling was the indefiniteness of the barriers. These include the barriers set by the society, men executives, other women executives and most importantly, women their selves.

Individual characteristics of women executives which are in common with the men executives provide ascend in their career. These individual factors are working, self confidence and intelligence. Others are the other factors that affect success. The role created for woman is determined by being a good wife and mother. However, the main problem is that women own this role defined by the society and they create restrictions for their selves. Therefore, concepts such as marriage and having a good family are positive features for men, but they are accepted as career barriers for women. 

A manager, aside from many important characteristics, who can read and evaluate his/her and others’ feelings, has a higher value. This feature is more prominent in women than men. However, it changes when it comes to the business life. While these characteristics are favorable for men, they are considered as “womanish” for women. Therefore, women try to act manly by giving up their characteristics to ascend in their career. But, the inborn characteristics of women such as listening to the others, sharing, managing the conflicts and empathy are necessary features for the executives.

Recent studies have shown that work place trends have started unintentionally discriminate these women who have given up their characteristics to have a place in the business life and to pass through the glass walls in some other way. Because, this new trend is trying to bring womanish behaviors in the foreground. However, this new trend is a positive evolution when all of the women are considered. Women can be more effective executives with their sharing, sensitive and participating approach. Just so they preserve their characteristics about being woman and their self confidence.