Prof Doc. Bengi Semerci has talked about the child marriages in a public conference in Gaziantep which is prepared by Zeugma Rotary association.
The minister of Family and Social Policy Fatma Sahin has made the opening speech, which was meant to take the interest in the subject. Mrs. Semerci mentioned that marriage is an important institution and impose a lot of responsibility, individuals who are not old enough to marry do not take responsibilities of marriages would lead big probems.
In adition to physical health problems such as mother’s health problems and infant mortality, psychological and social problems are also discussed. Prof Doc. Bengi Semerci mentioned that marriage at a young age keeps woman away from education, politics, and business life and she takes attention to women which are isolated from their peers increases the psychiatric problems. Also Mrs. Semerci takes attention to boys who married at early ages stays uneducated, have working problems and they might fall into jails more than others. Semerci mentions that giving permission to married at early ages is a “childish” attitude and grown ups don’t have rights to act like children . She indicated that both parents who give permission to their daughters in very early ages to marry with elder men, and these men who marry with them have criminal responsibilitys
Mrs. Semerci thanks to Zeugma Rotary clup who performed such an important subject also get a promise from them to open a children’s rehabilitation center.