The festival of this year ended with the award ceremony, which was realized with participation of all academicians, film directors, actors and actresses who took place in the festival and jury members and guests, mainly Filiz Akın. The main subject of the festival, which granted awards for short and full length films, as well as success awards, will be child and crime in the next year. Golden Scales Full length film award: Combat Girls, (Germany, 2011) Director: David Wnendt Special Jury award: The End of Silence, France, 2011, Director: Roland Edzard Golden Scales short length film award:  Buhar, Director: Abdurrahman Öner Special Jury awards: 1: Hollowness/Director: Onur Güler 2: Azize (The Blessed – La Santa)/ Director: Mauricio Lopez Fernandez /Chile Academic Honor Award: Prof. Dr. Fatmagül Berktay Life Long Success award: Actress Angela Winkler (Germany)