Following the opening speech of the workshop organized by the Criminal Law and Criminology Research Center of IU Faculty of Law, European Law Studies and Research Club of IU Faculty of Law, Istanbul Branch of European Young Lawyers Association (ELSA) and Children of Istanbul Foundation, Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci has delivered his paper entitled ‘Crime and the Child’. She began his speech by saying that everybody is uncomfortable with the combination of words crime and child, yet the utterance of those two words together is increasingly getting more and more commonplace. Having stated that it is the adults who are combining those two words and leading children into crime yet it is the very same adults who at the same time have been in search of ‘justice for children’ for centuries, Semerci moved on to list the contradictions in this matter. She concluded his speech by saying that the entire justice system for children should be different from laws to law enforcement, courts to judges, and that children should not be punished, and that a system should be introduced for protecting and rehabilitating them.