Sexuality is a subject that still considered as a taboo with many false information. Nowadays it is very easy for children to access wrong and problematic sexual information. Their correct knowledge will prevent many problems that might occur at every age. The way of this is to inform parents about sexuality and learning at what age to transfer this information to their children.


Seminar Goals:

1-To learn the sexual development of the child from birth through adolescence.

2-To understand at what age and what kind of sexual information should be transfered.

3-To be informed about who and how to transfer sexual information

The seminar language will be Turkish.


Date: 28 Ocak 2017, Cumartesi

Time: 13:00-15:00

Location: Bengi Semerci Enstitüsü- Poyracık Sokak. Üstün Apt. No: 55/7 34365 Teşvikiye-Şişli/İstanbul

Educator: Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci

Price: 200 TL+ KDV

Contact: Burcu Kaya

Tel: 0 212 225 70 74 –  0 533 273 15 34


Participation: Parents with children of all ages amd whom are preapred to become a parent. (Parents are encouraged to attend together because the sexual education given by the father is also important.)

Registration: The number of participants is limited. The recent registration date is Friday,January 27,2017 at 17:00. In order to finalize the registration,payment must be made by this date