She was born in 1992 in Istanbul. She is living in Istanbul. She graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University with a high honors degree in Psychology;at which she had her education in English. She also graduated with a high honors degree from her master’s degree in the Department of Developmental Psychology of Okan University. During her bachelor’s, she has worked as an intern psychologist at the kindergarten of Istanbul International Community School. In Gunisigi Child Center Assessment and Therapy Services, she worked as an intern psychologist regarding the assessment, therapy, education and counseling services for children and families. During her senior year of her bachelor’s, she started working as an office intern for Istanbul Bilgi University Children Studies Unit. Then she became the unit’s volunteer in their projects regarding children’s rights and participation. At 2015, she worked as a supervisor in a project, conducted by COKMED Association and Istanbul Bilgi University Child Studies Unit which was aimed to prevent child negligence and was intended for university students. At 2015, she worked in a project of Nestlé as a speaker, at which she gave parents seminars about nutrition and development of children. During her master’s, she participated in Play Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy trainings. At Doga College’s Bostanci Campus, which she was positioned as a psychologist; she worked with kindergarten and elementary school children for a year. Since September