I have a dream today!


Having a dream occurs during sleep. People don’t find dreams
odd but approach them with curiosity and try to derive interpretations. On the
other hand, daydreaming, imagining, fantasizing are quiet disapproved, as they
are believed to have a negative impact on people and lead them away from the
reality. Is that really the case? What do we gain and lose when we dream in
order to get rid of the pressure of the real life?

You live as
long as you dream

Although it is a common saying,
people who frequently dream or fantasize are not that welcomed among society.
Still, in the middle of a boring meting, who would not want to fantasize about
being in a seaside with friends around.  You
can easily go away from unwanted places or people through fantasy. It gives a
you a break. Here, the important thing is to return back in time and complete
your work. If your fantasy has made you stronger, the is no problem. But if you
have difficulty in returning back, this means that you are in a fantasy world. In
a world that is belonged, created, and played by you…


Is it
helpful to imagine?

There is a wide range of point of
views on this question. You will easily come by web sites that suggest
imagining when you surf on the internet. On those web sites, imagining and
dreaming are argued to be the first steps of success. In order to create,
fantasy, imagination and dreaming are requested. Can you think of someone who
is lack of those skills to act well and become an actor? Novels usually do not
capture the reality. In order to built a novel, you have to possess cognitive
and creative skills. That means that you should be able to imagine. Which of
the terrific inventions we use today would have been present unless someone had
imagined about it? Making a phone call, watching television, washing clothes on
the machine and even going to a space travel… It is the time to face with the
reality. Because just imagining and dreaming is not enough to create. After
imagining and dreaming, one should return to the real world and work for it. Dreams
that are not worked on, are confined to remain as dreams. And dreams that you
couldn’t make true, lead you to fail and become detached from the reality. For
big causes imagining is a must. In his well known speech, Martin Luther King
has stated that: “I have a dream…”Yes, leaders also require dreams, dreams that
they really believe in and desire to make true. Those dreams are sometimes
devoted to goodness, kindness and peace as in King’s speech, sometimes devoted
to genocides, persecutions, deaths as in the dictators dreams. Those dreams may
become the nightmares of others. And sometimes people find themselves living in
a nightmare, and dreaming enables them to survive. During persecutions or war,
dreaming provides people to survive through diminishing the effect of the
trauma. That means, dreams that detach you from reality may become your way of
holding on to life.


Let’s have a

All of us have dreams. And those
dreams are relevant to our personality almost all the time. If we are anxious,
our dreams are also anxious. If our primary motivation is success, then our
dreams bring unattainable success and accompanying fear and anxiety of failure.
Some of us are dreamers and build our lives on dreams first. Dreams bring us
just happiness, there is no room for others in our dreams. Let’s have a dream.
Dream of being successful, rising in rank, making money. Sound nice, right?
Let’s move on other dreams. Falling in love, being loved back, being happy… It
would be even better to have them together. Let’s extend our dreams; dream
about a world that there are no orphans on the streets, no financial
difficulties, no notions as war or terror. Extend our dreams even more.
Fantasize about bigger and more meaningful things. But not get stuck in our
dreams. Not leave our future and our happiness just to our dreams. Because real
world is far more different than our dreams. Just as our dreams about
ourselves, they are also in our power. Even if we begin through dreaming, we
should try hard to make them real. Otherwise, we would lose the meaning of the
reality. Nevertheless, we should pursue our dreams. In this way, good dreams
can reach truth, and we  can reach our



 Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci