Each of us wants a fairer world for ourselves.  We wish the world and other people would treat us fairly.  Otherwise, we get angry, resist and try to change it. While doing all of these things, we often forget one important thing:  As long as we do not wish for others the justice we wish for ourselves with the same desire and we do not speak out for them at least as much as we do for ourselves; it is impossible for the world to be fair. It is not possible that an unfair world treat us fairly.  

While wishing justice for all, we need to mostly speak out for those who can not individually speak out and not make themselves heard. Children take the lead among the groups who can not make them heard. As long as we are unable to provide justice for them, none of us can be fair.  Unless we treat fair, our wishes of justice will not yield result.  The 3rd INTERNATIONAL CRIME AND PUNISHMENT FILM FESTIVAL, with a main purpose of justice to all, justice and a fair world for all will discuss all aspects of juvenile justice with the theme of child(ish) justice this year.  Academics, civil society organizations and artists will speak out for children. Representatives from 30 countries will present their reports and describe what they will do. Film directors who are said to serve as a bad example for the juvenile justice will say: “We are innocent, we only made a film.”  All the causes of injustice as well as problems arising from migration will be analyzed. Civil society organizations and artists will remind all of us once that our primary duty is not to judge, but protect children.

We will watch their point of view of justice, get happy, get sad and rethink with carefully selected movies coming from various countries and not shown before, in the movie theaters Atlas Beyoglu, Nisantasi Citylife and Beyoglu. With the opening movie “Savages” made in Spain, we will try to see who real savages are. Watching the movies, we will not only think, get excited, wonder but also have fun.  We will watch the competition movies wandering from Canada, Estonia, France, Latvia, to Israel, Germany, Georgia, Spain, Croatia and Poland this year and try to guess the movie to get the Golden Scales award.

If you wish a fair world for yourself, for people and for children, want to participate in discussions and share your opinion, and are interested in the art of cinema, note that the 3rd International Crime and Punishment Film Festival will take place in Istanbul between the dates of September 13 -19.  It is free to attend the academic meetings (Istanbul University, Culture and Congress Centre), films ticket are available in My Bilet and box offices for TL 6:00, further information and entire program can be accessed at www.icapff.com and the strength to contribute to the justice for all is in you.

Prof. Bengi Semerci, M.D.