The first four books of the “My Feelings and Behaviors” series, as part of a 12 book series including the Green Dinosaur Children Books written by Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci, are now available for purchase at bookstores and on the Green Dinosaur publishing house website after having been first introduced to the readers at the 31st International Istanbul Book Fair.

Through the books of this series it is aimed that children will be able to understand their own feelings and behaviors in the face of the events they are likely to encounter.  In the illustrated story books that were prepared with aim of enabling parents to help their children in their frequently encountered problems, the children will see and realize the things or challenges that befall them in the stories of other children and benefit from the experience of such children even if they do not have to deal with their problems.

The author suggests parents to read those books together with their children, and urge them to listen to their children and try to understand and share the experience with them.

The “My Feelings and Behaviors” series, authored by Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci, were illustrated by Serap Ergel.