We made it first time last year. International Crime
and Punishment Film Festival and its main theme were coups d’
état. We watched very special films. We listened very
important speeches from academicians coming from all around the world. Positive
feedbacks provided by the cinema world, academic world and though not the
national but the foreign press gave the motivation for organizing the second of
it. After a preparation period of about one year, 2nd International
Crime and Punishment Film Festival will be held on 26 September-4 October. This
year the main theme is violence and discrimination against women. Academic
program and film program will work simultaneously. It will be a valued
opportunity to make multidimensional evaluations on the issue with films coming
from various countries on the one side and presentations and debates by
speakers on the other side. Besides films sent for the purpose of demonstration;
others such as contesting films, short films and documentaries will be
displayed at Citi life and Cinepop cinemas between 28 September and 4 October.
The scientific program will work at Istanbul University, Central Building,
doctorate hall and lecture hall 1.


On 26 September, all NGOs and Ministries of Family and Social Policies
and Justice and Domestic Affairs will be discussing the issue.  Opening ceremonies will be held on 28
September, Friday at 16.00 in Istanbul University central building. I will be
managing the opening panel at which Turkan Soray, Selim Ileri and Zeki
Demirkubuz will be the participators. Name of the said panel is “Crime: to be a
woman, Punishment: Life Imprisonment”. On the same day, together with the
opening film, cinema demonstrations will begin. Besides sessions in which law
professionals coming from various countries will discuss the laws against
violence and discrimination towards women, there will also be those panels
where with matters of woman in Turkish cinema, woman in press and
advertisements. It will be possible to watch films sent from China, Pakistan,
Argentina, Mexico, Romania, Russia, France, US, Germany, Iran, Italy, Austria
and many other countries.


You may see dates and places of the
festival demonstrations, panels and other activities at

Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci